Natural Resto And Strawberry Land

We have the largest and most qualified strawberry farm in Lembang. Enjoy the freshness of our fruits which are planted without using any of artificial fertilizers.

With extensive farm that more than 1,5 hectare, we hope we could satisfied your needs to come here.

Combined with various Sundanese dishes with incredible taste mixed by fresh strawberry fruits as the ingredient it will be extra ordinary.

We also accept orders for regular family outings, group travel events, and catering orders for events.

If you interest to come with your friends, relatives, family or group, please feel free to call us!

Our Facilities

Facilities that we provide include:

Parking Area

1 ha Strawberry Farm

Restaurant Hall

Flower Garden

Saung Lesehan

Green House


For reservation and bookings, please call the contacts below.


Jalan Tangkuban Parahu 109

Ciburial - Lembang - Bandung Barat